The best way to instil eye drops
  1. Wash your hands and sit or stand in front of a mirror.
  2. Take off the top of the bottle, avoiding touching the tip of the bottle.
  3. While tilting you head back, pull down your lower lid with your index finger to create a pocket.
  4. Hold the dropper above the eye.
  5. Squeeze one drop into the pocket formed by gently pulling down the lower eyelid. Try not to touch your eye, eyelashes, or anything else with the dropper tip in order to keep it clean.
  6. Let go of the eyelid and tilt your head forward.Keep the eye closed for 2 minutes after application of the eye drop.
  7. Press gently on the tear duct (inner corner of the eye) with one finger for a minute. This reduces the risk of general side effects by preventing the drop from entering the tear passage and being absorbed into the general circulation.
  8. Wipe away any liquid that falls on to your cheek with a tissue.
  9. Repeat this for the other eye if the drop is prescribed for both eyes.
  10. When prescribed two different eye drops to be used at the same time, wait for at least five minutes before putting the second drop into the eye. This stops the first drop from being diluted or washed away by the second drop.
  11. Wash your hands again to remove any drop residue.

You may experience a taste of eye drops in your mouth or a feeling that the drops are running down your throat. This is normal and reduced by pressing on the inner corner of your eye after applying the drop.

Some drops may sting for a few seconds on instillation. If the drops sting for a long period or make the eye uncomfortable, discuss this with your doctor as you may be intolerant or allergic to the medication.
Do not drive until your vision has cleared after using your drops.

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Other Ways to instil eye drops.
If you cannot instil eye drops by tilting back your head then the following technique is another way to put in eye drops:

The bed technique

  1. Lie down on your back on the bed
  2. Pull down the lower lid with your index finger
  3. Rest your write on your face close to your mouth so that the bottle is over your eye
  4. Look over the top of your head
  5. Squeeze one drop from the bottle which will then fall on the eye and follow the instructions in the best technique from point 5 above.

If you tend to close or blink your eye using this technique then do not be frustrated just leave the drop on your lid to run into the corner of your eye and then blink a few times to allow it to enter your eye. Then as before follow the earlier instructions from Point 5.
This technique is not as accurate for the following reasons:
The amount of the drop entering the eye is likely to be more variable depending on whether some is lost on the lid or not.The amount entering the nose may be more so you are more likely to tasted the drop at the back of your throat and there is a slightly increased risk of more general side effects.

Use a dropper aid
There are devices available to help you squeeze the bottle. Discuss this with your pharmacist if you find this difficult as they will be able to acquire one for you. Click on this link to see the various types available.

Get someone else to instil the eye drop

Remember to use your drops regularly
Remembering to take a daily medication is one of the challenges in the treatment of any chronic condition, and glaucoma is no exception. One of the reason for progression of glaucoma is that people forget! Some ways to help remember include tying a regular daily activity (such as brushing one’s teeth) to taking your medication, or setting timed reminders such as an alarm clock or cell phone.

Remember to get a repeat prescription in plenty of time
Glaucoma is a life long condition. The drops only control your eye pressure by using them regularly. If you stop using them, then the pressure will go high in the eye again, causing further loss of vision.

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Taking care of your drops
Keep the bottle in a cool dry place (unless advised otherwise)
Do not let the dropper or the nozzle tip to touch your eye, finger or any other surface. This is to keep it clean from germs.
Throw out the bottle (and get a new one if required) after the recommended time which usually four weeks after opening. There is a risk the bottle becomes infected after this time.
Preservative free drops come in single dose units rather than bottles.
Most glaucoma drops can be used with contact lenses. Your drops should be instilled first to allow them to soak into the eye. The drops may also cause increased deposits on your contact lenses so they should be checked regularly by your optometrist.
Keep the drops out of reach of children.

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